Vienna Museum of Science and Technology – Energy Transition. A race against time

von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Vienna Museum of Science and Technology – Energy Transition. A race against time
Cybernetic sculpture on the façade of the exhibition tower
Vienna Museum of Science and Technology
June 2023
450 qm
Project text:

Energy is of central importance to our modern society. But in view of the climate crisis, we urgently need to find sustainable ways to meet our energy needs. In cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, this exhibition presents the complex interrelationships between the energy transition and the climate crisis. It offers insights into strategies and technologies that make a sustainable future possible and aims to empower visitors to actively participate in the climate debate.

The scenography of the “Energiewende Lab” impresses with its unique design language. A futuristic tower in the historic hall of the museum is exposed and emphasized by the clear, reduced aesthetics of the exhibition fixtures. The design combines futuristic and technical-industrial elements, using sustainable materials and immaterial qualities such as light and transparency to visually link the themes.

A cybernetic staging extends across all floors of the tower. Elements connected visually, acoustically, kinetically, haptically and in terms of content create an analogy to living organisms and social organizations. This staging promotes spatial and content-related connections, guides the flow of visitors and offers integrated opportunities for interaction.

Decision-making stations for visitors are media stations equipped with cybernetic elements. Here, visitors can determine their personal CO2 footprint and be shown ways to reduce it.

The materiality of the graphic surfaces uses material layering to highlight graphics through translucency and reflection, with transparency increasing from floor to floor.


Concept and design of the special exhibition (all HOAI-phases), exhibition design, graphics and lighting, conception of the exhibition media, media hardware planning, artistic production management, cost controlling.