Universum® Bremen – Milky Way

In unknown worlds, surrounded by fascinating beings and amidst captivating phenomena, the newly designed children’s section of Universum® Bremen offers young researchers aged three to eight a wealth of unexplored and unique opportunities for exploration. In five distinct “Superlaxies,” a variety of skills are put to the test, with each of them unveiling its very own universe full of wonders and secrets. The new experiential world was opened on October 13, 2023!

©von Grote


Restaurant “Grill” Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

The restaurant “Grill,” designed by the esteemed architect Emil Fahrenkamp in 1926 at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, underwent a stylish redesign in collaboration with Christiane Peters CL-Consulting. Here, tradition seamlessly blends with contemporary modernity to form a harmonious unity. The festive reopening, featuring a new Martini and Oyster bar, took place in September 2023.

©Max Arens



The special exhibition “A race against the time” aims to make the dynamics of the energy transition, in all its complexity, tangible. The exhibition was opened in June 2023 and will still be on display next year!

© Technisches Museum Wien / Sebastian Weissinger


Haus der Geschichte

We are honoured to have been selected for the design of the new permanent exhibition at Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, Germany. This contemporary history museum covers the German history of 1945 till present day. We teamed up with KOSSMANNDEJONG. Our winning proposal is a highly participatory exhibition, enriched by each visitor that moves through it. A spatial design creates ample place for reflection. Next to countless researchers and specialists, personal stories will play a central part to create a more comprehensive idea of the past.

image © Haus der Geschichte/Axel Thünker




Temporary Exhibition Moses Mendelsohn in the Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin is dedicating a special exhibition to the German philosopher Moses Mendelssohn. We support the designer Jelena Stefanovic from Studio OTW in Amsterdam with the planning and realization. The exhibition was officially opened on April 13th.

Feasibility Study for the City Museum Erlangen

We have teamed up with Thiele Projekt and Stratmann Architektur to develop and create a master plan for the future Erlangen City Museum. Together we are working on the conceptual and content-related orientation of the city museum and the new permanent exhibition. Our definition of the spatial requirements for the museum, which is to be supplemented by a new building, provides the basis for the planned architectural competition.

Crane experience center

A crane experience center will be built at the internationally important breeding and resting area in Kelbra reservoir. The new building invites you to watch the crane migration and over 300 other bird species. There will be an interactive exhibition in the adventure center for everyone interested in water and nature. The project is being developed in collaboration with Richter Musikowski Architects and Grieger Harzer Landscape Architects. @ Richter Musikowski, http://www.richtermusikowski.com/


Presidental Suite in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

For the 125th anniversary of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg, we designed together with Christiane Peters CL-Consulting a new highlight: a presidential suite with “Alster-View” at dizzy heights! Sun, water and the wind are reflected in the design.


Feasibility study for the Forum for Opposition and Resistance

The Forum for Opposition and Resistance (1945 to 1990) is to be dedicated to the courageous opposition figures of the GDR and, as an educational venue, to convey the history of German freedom and democracy to all people. We are developing the concept for the Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft for a place that is encouraging, promotes the exchange of opinions and offers a space for possibilities for action. This place is open to all citizens and invites them to research, discuss and participate.

©Ernst – office for architecture


Feasibility study for a “Central and Show Depot of Magdeburg Museums”

In close cooperation with four Magdeburg museums, we are developing a feasibility study for a “Central and Show Depot of Magdeburg Museums”, conceptually aligned with the envisioned “Zentrum Industriekultur in Saxony-Anhalt”. The depot is to promote the cooperation of the individual institutions through offers including shared and open workshops as well as event spaces, and to open itself to the public for participatory projects.

© von Grote GmbH


Dominican Monastery in Prenzlau

The design concept for the new permanent exhibition in the listed Dominican monastery in Prenzlau was successfully completed in June 2023.