TRANSFORMATION 1535° | Education and Experience Center for Art Casting and Industrial Culture

We are very excited about winning the competition! The project involves the creation of an ‘Education and Experience Center for Art Casting and Industrial Culture’ at two locations: ‘ERZ’ (Art Casting Museum/Art Foundry/Peace Memorial Church) in Lauchhammer-Ost and ‘KOHLE’ (Biogas Towers/Relics Park) in Lauchhammer-West. The Art Casting Museum with the Peace Memorial Church as well as the Biogas Towers impressively commemorate the industrial culture of the region. These sites are to be preserved and utilized in a new context. The project includes the development of a central concept for both locations, the profiling of the Lauchhammer Art Casting Museum and the Biogas Towers, as well as the elaboration of two theme-oriented exhibition units.

© Stefan Fussan, Lutz Bruno


Hanse Lounge Hamburg – conference area

We are redesigning the conference area of the Hanse Lounge in Hamburg – for beautiful moments by the Kleine Alster.


We continue the exhibition series WEITER_GEDACHT with a special exhibition on the circular economy. To achieve this, we utilize the components of the current exhibition on the energy transition and create the new exhibition design from them.

13.10.2023 View project

Universum® Bremen – Milky Way

In unknown worlds, surrounded by fascinating beings and amidst captivating phenomena, the newly designed children’s section of Universum® Bremen offers young researchers aged three to eight a wealth of unexplored and unique opportunities for exploration. In five distinct “Superlaxies,” a variety of skills are put to the test, with each of them unveiling its very own universe full of wonders and secrets. The new experiential world was opened on October 13, 2023!

©von Grote


Restaurant “Grill” Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

The restaurant “Grill,” designed by the esteemed architect Emil Fahrenkamp in 1926 at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, underwent a stylish redesign in collaboration with Christiane Peters CL-Consulting. Here, tradition seamlessly blends with contemporary modernity to form a harmonious unity. The festive reopening, featuring a new Martini and Oyster bar, took place in September 2023.

©Max Arens

29.09.2023 View project


The special exhibition “A race against the time” aims to make the dynamics of the energy transition, in all its complexity, tangible. The exhibition was opened in June 2023 and will still be on display next year!

© Technisches Museum Wien / Sebastian Weissinger


Haus der Geschichte

We are honoured to have been selected for the design of the new permanent exhibition at Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, Germany. This contemporary history museum covers the German history of 1945 till present day. We teamed up with KOSSMANNDEJONG. Our winning proposal is a highly participatory exhibition, enriched by each visitor that moves through it. A spatial design creates ample place for reflection. Next to countless researchers and specialists, personal stories will play a central part to create a more comprehensive idea of the past.

image © Haus der Geschichte/Axel Thünker




Crane experience center

A crane experience center will be built at the internationally important breeding and resting area in Kelbra reservoir. The new building invites you to watch the crane migration and over 300 other bird species. There will be an interactive exhibition in the adventure center for everyone interested in water and nature. The project is being developed in collaboration with Richter Musikowski Architects and Grieger Harzer Landscape Architects. @ Richter Musikowski, http://www.richtermusikowski.com/