German Naval Museum Wilhelmshaven

von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / German Naval Museum Wilhelmshaven
Stiftung Deutsches Marinemuseum
June 2010
800 sqm
Project text:

The German Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven is dedicated to the German Navy and how it has changed over time. As such, it collects and stores exhibits about the history of all Germany’s navies, shedding light on their historical contexts. The new concept for the 2010 permanent exhibition aimed to further expand and improve the presentation of political and cultural circumstances.

In design terms, this was realised using picture projections and audio features that brought to the visitors the message to be conveyed by each exhibition section in a way that all of their senses could appreciate. Round and curved architectural elements are reminiscent of the forms of ships, while the graphic floor lines inspired by the depth lines on nautical charts create a dynamic spatial feeling. The spacious new foyer and the café area are included in the extension plans of Dirk Lohe Architects in Wilhelmshaven. Another exhibition area has large-scale, walk-in exhibits on the museum grounds. An educational concept was designed for an exhibition on board a fast boat of the model S71 Gepard. The remaining boats in the museum harbour are also to be given an educational role as part of the museum.


Concept, design and production management of the permanent exhibition (all HOAI phases):
Exhibition design, graphics and light, design and production of exhibition media, media hardware planning, collaboration on the refurbishment concept, design and production of the foyer of the museum, shop and café design, cost controlling, production management, expenditure reports

Project by Iglhaut + von Grote