Fontane at Liebenberg Castle, Outdoor Exhibition

von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Fontane at Liebenberg Castle, Outdoor Exhibition
An exhibition station in the castle courtyard
DKB Stiftung
Schloss & Gut Liebenberg, Brandenburg
May 2019
Park area
Project text:

Theodor Fontane is understandably the most-read German author of the 19th century. The novelist, travel guide author and journalist has greatly influenced Brandenburg’s image in society right up to the present day thanks to his travelogue Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg. Fontane visited Liebenberg castle and estate several times and was a close associate of the master of the castle Philipp zu Eulenburg. On the occasion of what would have been the famous author’s 200th birthday, his links to Liebenberg are being presented in an outdoor exhibition by the foundation DKB STIFTUNG.

The exhibition has several stations spread out across the grounds, highlighted in many different colours and each presenting aspects of Fontane’s life and work to visitors. This is augmented by inclusive features such as the translation of the text contents into simple language and acoustic text versions that can be accessed per QR code, also as on-screen text. Specially produced park benches with colourful illustrations pick up graphically on the contents of the outdoor exhibition. To provide more in-depth information and as a supplement to the exhibition, the exhibition newspaper Fontane auf Liebenberg is available in a newspaper box at the castle entrance.


Concept, design and production management of exhibition stations, edit and design of the  exhibition newspaper, production of audio
Project by Iglhaut + von Grote