Olympisches Dorf

von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Olympisches Dorf
Permanent exhibition in the historical swimming hall
DKB Stiftung für gesellschaftliches Engagement
Olympisches Dorf, Berlin
Working time:
Herbst 2019
54 ha
Project text:

As the meaningful backdrop to the international Olympic movement, the 1936 Olympic Village in Elstal near Berlin is a place of German and European history in equal measure. Previously only accessible as a museum, the grounds are now to be developed for residential purposes, thus ending the village’s 80-year “deep sleep”. The proper handling of the existing historical village and its story are a vital part of developing a new concept for it. Consequently, the master plan for the grounds does not deal merely with aspects pertaining to the preservation of the historical buildings, but also explores the future design of parts of the village as a museum that will communicate the significance of the complex as a whole. The goal is to integrate a permanent museum structure into the residential utilisation that includes the historical monument and its historical contexts to the same extent and conveys this to the public. In addition to proposals concerning the possible realisation, the concept also presents a funding and operating model that plans to involve local stakeholders, cooperation partners and possible sponsors.


Overall concept in variants for the realization of a long-term sustainable holistic museum and education concept in the Olympisches Dorf or the municipality of Elstal

Project by Iglhaut + von Grote