Monastery Loccum

von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Monastery Loccum
Monastery Loccum
Spring 2013
300 sqm
Project text:

Alongside a comprehensive events programme and a series of publications honouring 850 years of Loccum Abbey, we also planned locational installations designed to be enjoyed beyond the anniversary year. This included an exhibition in the Loccum Mandelsloh chapel, next to the sacristy in the cloister church, showing changing exhibits from the cloister library in a display cabinet. The background information about the valuable exhibition pieces was provided by an accompanying media station. A newly created, easy-to-follow information and orientation system leads visitors through the grounds of the monastery and the parts of the buildings open to the public and is complemented by a monastery guide and other print materials providing information on the history of the monastery complex.

All of the measures developed were marked by the desire to preserve the original character of the monastery, while at the same time teaching visitors about its art and cultural history. Accordingly, the contents were presented in a reserved design befitting the location, and the guidance system blends unassumingly into the historical ensemble. The information stele spread throughout the monastery’s parklike grounds also adhere to this principle with their subdued colour scheme and the illustrations of the individual buildings.


Concept development and realisation of an exhibition unit as general contractor,
editorial work and creation of an orientation and information system and a monastery guide, concept development and production of media contents, media hardware integration, contents, 
Project by Iglhaut + von Grote