Einstein in Japan – A Travelogue

von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Einstein in Japan – A Travelogue
Federal of Education and Research/German Embassy Tokyo
Tokyo International Forum, Mitsuo Aida Museum, Tokyo, Japan
November 2005 – February 2006
500 sqm
Project text:

Under the title Einstein in Japan – A Travelogue, an exhibition in Tokyo looked at a significant period in the life of Albert Einstein for the very first time, namely his 1922 trip to Japan. The exhibition narrative was developed based on Einstein’s diary entries. As such, the life and work of the famous physicist was presented in the form of a calendar that dealt with Einstein’s daily experiences in Japan and the reactions of the public to him. Ten thematic cabinets integrated into the chronology of this three-dimensional, walk-through diary present the most important events of this journey in the form of visual spatial scenes – which act as stages for Einstein, his theories and important contemporaries. The individual points along his journey were connected by a fictitious radio series providing the visitors with an audio play to navigate them through the exhibition.


Design of the special exhibition (all HOAI phases, s.a.).
Exhibition design, graphics and light, design and media production, technical planning, concept development and production of an audio guide, editing and design of the printing materials for an accompanying publication, production management, cost controlling, expenditure reports

Project by Iglhaut + von Grote